What is AnaChart?

AnaChart is a visual database for self directed investors that shows price targets, ratings and the links to recommendations and stock forecasts made by institutional analysts that cover the US stock market. It is the only website that shows not only current price targets but previous for multiple analysts, if you have access to Bloomberg station you can see previous price targets similarly presented as in AnaChart but limited to one analyst at a time and without links. For users that just wish to receive the summary there is a table depicting each analyst latest standing and his overall performance on that receptive stock.

It was made to answer the following questions:

  • Which analysts cover the stock?
  • What is each analyst view on the stock and what it was over time, for example:
  • How far on average was the price target relatively to the stock price and has it changed?
  • Have the recommendation in nature changed over time?
  • How the analyst reacted when the stock price moved in desired and undesired direction?
  • Does usually the analyst post his recommendations as before (leading) or after the stock price moves?
  • What is the collective view of the analysts on the stock, more than just a number as not all analysts are equal?
  • Which analyst is a “needle mover” i.e. a analysts that opinion moves the stock price?

By visually connecting the price targets users can answer these questions and save time on research while have better understanding regarding the stock ecosystem with sell side analysts.

Is the web version practical for mobile?

The tables per each stock are mobile adaptive if you wish to know current/previous price targets and ratings as well who is the best performing analyst for every stock however the charts showing each price target given over time are not mobile friendly and for that you will need to use a computer. Showing multiple X-Y lines per analyst per stocks with ability to toggle on/off isn't available possible mobile settings.

We are working on a mobile version but for stocks that are covered by many analysts such as AMZN, CRM, FSLR.etc it is almost impossible to display multiple analysts at the same time on a small screen.


What are the balloons when I hover over the stock chart and how I can I focus on them?

When an analyst posts a price target and/or a rating on a stock a dot will be showed on his time line. These balloons are also called toolstips

For example below:

Michael Linenberg who is currently working at Deutsche Bank reiterated on January 27 2017 a Buy recommendation (hence the Buy/Buy) and a price target of $55 on AAL (American Airlines).

This specific event was covered on Benzinga.com and if you press on the blue link inside the balloon you will be redirected to that specific article.

AnaChart does not take credit from where the news came from. Most times analysts will share his thoughts on the article and have additional information out of the scope of AnaChart.

The yellow balloon displays the stock price at the day of the event so there is both a visual and numerical display of the gap between the price target and the stock price.

If you encounter with difficulties on zoning on the balloon please toggle off the stock price line and the other analysts lines such as here

Another way to make the focus on the balloon is to zoom in, the blue button on the top right is always available at the top right to zoom out when are done.