What is AnaChart?

AnaChart is providing access to institutional analyst ratings and price targets in a visual database, users can quickly gain an understanding of current stock opinions as well as past forecasts. For added convenience, AnaChart also offers summaries that provide insight into overall sentiment along with each individual stand from analysts all on one page; making investment decisions easier than ever before.

AnaChart allows users to access price targets with full credibility and transparency. AnaChart’s proprietary algorithm uses sorting methods which are clearly communicated so the user can have confidence in its accuracy, creating a valuable bridge between analysts and investors for optimal productivity. AnaChart’s commitment to honesty fosters trust-based dialogues backed by meaningful results. Articles gathered provide insights into key topics and offer readers the opportunity to dig deeper through external links, allowing them to explore sources further and verify accuracy.

AnaChart is the only platform that goes above and beyond with its stock analysis features. Not only does it present current price targets, but also display previous ones – an advantage lacking in other platforms. To top off transparency, AnaChart offers a unique feature of evaluating analysts per stock instead of average overall performance.

Is the web version practical for mobile?

Mobile users can stay up-to-date with current and previous stock prices, ratings and analyst recommendations as well as the best analyst for each stock and what percentage of each analyst stock forecasts has been materialized. To get the full picture of how these values have changed over time, including comparison between analysts’ predictions, you’ll need to switch to a computer. Using charts on desktop devices enable easy data visualization through customizable X/Y line comparisons for each stock’s performance — unavailable in mobile settings due to the large amount of information displayed.

What are the balloons when I hover over the stock chart and how I can I focus on them?

As analysts post their stock ratings and price targets, they leave a visible mark on the timeline. These balloons are also referred to as tool-tips – with members getting an exclusive link to the article where that suggestion originated from.

For example:

Michael Linenberg of Deutsche Bank shifted his outlook for American Airlines (AAL) on March 30, 2015: a Buy rating was downgraded to Hold, and the price target dropped from $78 to $58. This news item appears in its original context at Benzinga.com – simply click their link within AnaChart’s chart balloons and explore further insights outside our coverage scope.



Having difficulty with zoning on the balloon? Try toggling off the stock prices and analyst lines, in a sea of analysts, if you want to focus on specific ones when investing in stocks yo will need to se these steps as well.


Another way to make the focus on the balloon is to zoom in, the blue button on the top right is always available at the top right to zoom out when are done.


What are the use cases for AnaChart?

Anachart provides the answers to critical questions essential for investors looking to gain a fuller understanding of stock performance and trends. Discover which analysts are covering your stocks, as well as their average price targets relative to share prices. Follow recommendation changes over time, observe how analyst opinions have shifted in response to stock movements both positive and negative – uncovering who is truly driving change with their insights. Finally get an overall picture on market sentiment from multiple experts with varying levels of influence all at once — allowing you take informed decisions based on facts rather than guesswork.

How does AnaChart work?

Our analyst pages provide an wide range of information, including work history and average stock valuation metrics. You can also compare price targets to their materialization rate for any given stock – allowing you to assess the accuracy and relevancy of each analysts’ call. Furthermore, AnaChart gives access to data on how long it typically takes a target’s market value to reach its intended goal (the only platform that does that). All this knowledge is without any need to register or pay

Investing with precision just got easier for members of the advanced package— investors now have immediate access to a Performance Score for analysts who provide consistent and timely advice. The score is based on an easy-to-follow formula: the earlier and more accurately forecasts are realized, the higher its points value until that goal isn’t met, resulting in zero performance credit. Check out our video explanation to see in detail use how it works.


Our advanced package users have exclusive access to comprehensive stock charts featuring ratings, target prices and trendlines from each analyst. This allows you to quickly compare how the pros react differently when it comes down to price movement in any given stock – so whether their recommendations lead or lag behind can be easily assessed with one glance. Data is updated daily at Eastern Time for extra convenience. Check out our video demonstration of this powerful feature that is now accessible to retail investors.


How can I tell if the information displayed on the site is correct?

First, we have over 2o checks that we do to each item that we extract from the million plus of articles and snippets that are on the site.


Second, every price target/ rating that got public attention has a link attached to it. All you need to do is press on the link and check for yourself (if an item got published on two or more separate financial media outlets we will provide a link only to one of them).