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LRCX is currently covered by 25 analysts with an average price target of $1147.68. This is a potential upside of $77.86 (7.28%) from yesterday's end of day stock price of $1069.82.

Lam Research Corp's activity chart (see below) currently has 543 price targets and 418 ratings on display. The stock rating distribution of LRCX is 38.1% HOLD and 61.9% BUY.

Stock Analyst Price Targets - Review

Analysts average stock forecasts to be materialized ratio is 92.6% with an average time for these price targets to be met of 236.98 days.

Highest price target for LRCX is $1325, Lowest price target is $650, average price target is $1147.68.

Most recent stock forecast was given by CRAIG ELLIS from B. RILEY on 20-Jun-2024.

Split History since 2000:

3/17/00 3 for 1

What is Lam Research?

Lam Research is a semiconductor processing equipment manufacturer that specializes in producing high-quality equipment for integrated circuit fabrication. Founded in 1980, the company has become a global leader in the industry and has gained a reputation for delivering innovative and reliable solutions to its customers. Lam Research designs, manufactures, refurbishes, and services semiconductor processing equipment used in the fabrication of integrated circuits.

What made Lam Research famous?

Lam Research’s focus on providing advanced solutions for high-volume production and high-yield processing in semiconductor manufacturing has made it a go-to choice for semiconductor manufacturers globally. The company designs deposition, etch, cleaning, and metrology products and services to enhance die yield and improve overall process efficiency.

In addition to its product offerings, Lam Research’s commitment to research and development has also contributed to its success. The company invests heavily in R&D, continually developing new technologies and improving existing products to meet the ever-changing needs of the semiconductor industry.

What are the famous products or services of Lam Research?

ALTUS systems

The company designs these systems to deposit conformal films for tungsten metallization applications. They provide high-precision processing, allowing for better control of film properties and thickness, which is crucial for producing reliable, high-quality integrated circuits.

SABRE electrochemical deposition products

The company uses these products for copper interconnect transition and to offer copper damascene manufacturing. They provide uniform and consistent deposition of copper, which is critical for high-speed and low-power integrated circuits.

SOLA ultraviolet thermal processing products

These products are used for film treatments, such as annealing, oxidation, and nitridation. They use ultraviolet light to activate the film treatment process, enabling high-throughput and low-temperature processing.

VECTOR plasma-enhanced CVD ALD products

These products are used for depositing advanced dielectric and metal films. They provide excellent film uniformity and control over film thickness, enabling high-performance integrated circuits.

SPEED gapfill high-density plasma chemical vapor deposition products

These products are used for gap-filling applications in advanced integrated circuits. They provide excellent gap-fill performance, allowing for reliable and efficient production of high-density integrated circuits.

Striker single-wafer atomic layer deposition products

These products are used for dielectric film solutions. They offer precise control over film thickness and excellent conformality, enabling high-performance integrated circuits.

Flex, Kiyo, and Syndion product lines

These product lines facilitate etching applications, including conductor etches, dielectric etch, and through-silicon via etch. They provide high-precision and high-selectivity etching, allowing for efficient and reliable production of integrated circuits.

Versys line

Lam Research designed this product line to provide high selectivity and high throughput for metal etch processes. It provides excellent process control, allowing for reliable and efficient production of integrated circuits.

Coronus bevel clean products

These products provide various cleaning solutions for wafer bevels, enhancing die yield by improving wafer quality and reducing defects.

Da Vinci, DV-Prime, EOS, and SP series products

During wafer cleaning applications, the company employs these product lines to address various cleaning needs for different types of wafers.

Metryx mass metrology systems

These systems provide high-precision in-line mass measurement in semiconductor wafer manufacturing, enabling accurate and reliable monitoring of the production process.


Currently out of the existing stock ratings of LRCX, 48 are a HOLD (38.1%), 78 are a BUY (61.9%).

Analyst name


Current price target

Potential Upside

Previous price target


Price targets met ratio

Average potential upside

Average Time (Days) For PT To Be Met

Performance score



$255.18 (23.85%)


24 days ago

27/29 (93.1%)

$263.69 (24.85%)




$-9.82 (-0.92%)


1 months 7 days ago

3/3 (100%)

$99.08 (10.31%)




$-169.82 (-15.87%)


1 months 9 days ago

14/17 (82.35%)

$-69.91 (-7.21%)




$-119.82 (-11.20%)


2 months 19 days ago

8/8 (100%)

$50.21 (5.58%)




$-69.82 (-6.53%)


2 months 19 days ago

16/16 (100%)

$100.21 (11.14%)


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What is LRCX (Lam Research Corp) average time for price targets to be met?

On average it took 236.98 days on average for the stock forecasts to be realized with a an average price target met ratio 92.6

Which analyst has the current highest performing score on LRCX (Lam Research Corp) with a proven track record?


Which analyst has the most public recommendations on LRCX (Lam Research Corp)?

Mark Lipacis works at EVERCORE and has 15 price targets and 15 ratings on LRCX

Which analyst is the currently most bullish on LRCX (Lam Research Corp)?

Jim Kelleher with highest potential upside - $271.75

Which analyst is the currently most reserved on LRCX (Lam Research Corp)?

Ruben Roy with lowest potential downside - -$975.82

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