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NFLX is currently covered by 39 analysts with an average potential upside of $33.42 (11.33%) from yesterday's end of day stock price of $465.74. Netflix activity chart has currently 1,148 price targets and 1,158 ratings on display.

Stock Analyst Price Targets - Review

Analysts average stock forecasts to be materialized ratio is 84.87% with an average time for these price targets to be met of 192.27 days.

Highest price target for NFLX is $628, Lowest price target is $166, average price target is $397.

Most recent stock forecast was given by MANUEL MUEHL from DZ BANK on 20-Oct-2023. First documented stock forecast 25-Mar-2009.

What is Netflix?

Netflix has been transforming the entertainment industry since it was founded in 1997. The company provides a wide range of TV series, documentaries, feature films, and mobile games across various genres and languages, and has gained immense popularity for its streaming services. With approximately 231 million paid members in 190 countries, Netflix has become a household name for entertainment seekers worldwide.

What made Netflix famous?

One of the factors that have made Netflix so popular is the flexibility it offers to its users. With the ability to receive streaming content through a host of internet-connected devices, including TVs, digital video players, television set-top boxes, and mobile devices, Netflix subscribers can enjoy their favorite shows and movies anywhere, anytime. The company’s user-friendly interface and personalized recommendations based on users’ viewing history make it easy for subscribers to discover new content they may enjoy.

Another reason for Netflix’s success is the company’s focus on producing original content. By creating its shows and films, Netflix has been able to offer exclusive content that cannot be found anywhere else. This strategy has allowed the company to differentiate itself from its competitors and provide its subscribers with fresh and exciting content that keeps them engaged.

Moreover, Netflix has been at the forefront of revolutionizing the way we consume media. By eliminating the need for physical copies of movies and TV shows, the company has greatly reduced the environmental impact of entertainment. Additionally, the convenience of streaming services has led to a decrease in piracy, as more people are willing to pay for the convenience of accessing their favorite content legally and conveniently.

What are the famous products or services of Netflix?


TV series and movies

Netflix’s main product is its streaming service which allows subscribers to access a wide range of TV shows, movies, and documentaries from various genres and languages. Netflix produces its original content in addition to licensing content from other studios.

Mobile games

In 2021, Netflix expanded its offerings to include mobile gaming. The company currently offers a small selection of mobile games for subscribers in select markets.

Internet-connected devices

Netflix is available on a wide range of internet-connected devices, including smart TVs, digital video players (such as Roku and Amazon Fire TV), set-top boxes (such as Apple TV and Google Chromecast), and mobile devices (such as smartphones and tablets).

Personalized recommendations

Netflix uses algorithms to analyze users’ viewing history and provide personalized recommendations for new content to watch.

Parental controls

Netflix offers parental controls to help parents restrict access to certain types of content based on ratings and other factors.

Downloading for offline viewing

Subscribers can download TV shows and movies to watch offline on mobile devices.

Netflix original content

Netflix has invested heavily in producing original TV series and movies, including popular shows such as “Stranger Things,” “The Crown,” and “Narcos,” as well as acclaimed films such as “Roma” and “The Irishman.”

Assessing Netflix’s success so far

Netflix dominates the streaming market, despite competition from Hulu and Amazon Prime Video. They stay ahead by being innovative and adaptable. As the streaming industry grows, Netflix keeps improving to stay ahead.

Currently, out of the existing stock ratings of NFLX - 137 which are a Buy (52.09%), 30 which are a Sell (11.41%), 96 which are a Hold (36.5%)

Analyst name


Current price target

Potential distance

Previous price target


Price targets met ratio

Average potential upside

Average Time (Days) For PT To Be Met

Performance score



$64.04 (15.97%)


1 months 14 days ago

2/3 (66.67%)

$65.33 (18.79%)



$109.04 (27.19%)

1 months 15 days ago

20/21 (95.24%)

$31.27 (21.15%)




$-61.74 (-13.26%)


1 months 15 days ago

15/19 (78.95%)

$-1.09 (1.84%)




$9.26 (1.99%)


1 months 15 days ago

34/38 (89.47%)

$53.13 (20.02%)




$-0.74 (-0.16%)


1 months 15 days ago

29/33 (87.88%)

$59.2 (15.53%)


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What is NFLX (Netflix) average time for price targets to be met?

On average it took 192.27 days on average for the stock forecasts to be realized with a an average price target met ratio 84.87

Which analyst has the current highest performing score on NFLX (Netflix) with a proven track record?


Which analyst has the most public recommendations on NFLX (Netflix)?

Christophe Cherblanc works at SOCGEN and has 0 price targets and 0 ratings on NFLX

Which analyst is the currently most bullish on NFLX (Netflix)?

Heath Terry with highest potential upside - $382.02

Which analyst is the currently most reserved on NFLX (Netflix)?

Nat Schindler with lowest potential downside - -$269.74

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