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TMUS is currently covered by 20 analysts with average potential upside of $18 (18.97%) backed by 310 price targets and 335 ratings. Documented since 02-May-2013. Analyst's average stock valuation to be materialised ratio is 67.95% with an average time for price targets to be met of 197.66 days.

Most recent stock forecast was given by MATTHEW HARRIGAN from BENCHMARK on 16-Mar-2023.

Highest price target for TMUS is 152, Lowest price target is 106, average price target is 129.

T-Mobile US, Inc. is a telecommunications company that provides mobile communications services in the United States, Puerto Rico, and the United States Virgin Islands. The company offers a variety of voice, messaging, and data services to customers, including postpaid, prepaid, and wholesale services. It has a strong focus on wireless devices, including smartphones, wearables, tablets, home broadband routers, and other mobile communication devices. These devices are offered for sale directly to consumers through the company’s owned and operated retail stores, as well as through the T-Mobile app and customer care channels, and its websites.

T-Mobile also provides financing options for wireless devices, including equipment installment plans and leasing through JUMP! On Demand. The company offers High-Speed Internet services as well, enabling customers to stay connected on the go.

In addition to offering services and devices under the T-Mobile brand, the company offers services, devices, and accessories under the Metro by T-Mobile brand. It sells its devices to dealers and other third-party distributors for resale through independent third-party retail outlets and various third-party websites.

T-Mobile has been expanding its network capabilities, including through the acquisition of Sprint Corporation in 2020. This has enabled the company to provide an even stronger network to its customers, with improved coverage and capacity. T-Mobile is also committed to sustainability and has set a goal to be 100% powered by renewable energy by 2021.

Overall, T-Mobile is a leading player in the mobile communications industry, offering a range of services and devices to customers across the United States and beyond. With a focus on innovation and customer service, the company is well-positioned for continued growth and success in the years ahead.

Currently, out of the existing stock ratings of TMUS - 76 which are a Buy (93.83%), 5 which are a Hold (6.17%)

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$54.46 (38.21%)


11 days ago

0/5 (0%)

$60.86 (44.52%)



$33.46 (23.47%)


1 months 24 days ago

15/20 (75%)

$16.78 (20.83%)




$31.46 (22.07%)


1 months 25 days ago

15/22 (68.18%)

$18 (16.51%)




$20.46 (14.35%)


1 months 25 days ago

10/17 (58.82%)

$15.81 (16.22%)




2 months 24 days ago

4/6 (66.67%)

$28.2 (25.86%)


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What is TMUS(T-Mobile US, Inc) average time for price targets to be met?

On average it took 197.66 days on average for the stock forecasts to be realized with a an average price target met ratio 67.95

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