ZEUS - Olympic Steel, Inc

´╗┐Basic Materials - Sector

with average potential upside of $5.32 (22.15%) backed by 21 price targets and 27 ratings. Analyst's average stock valuation to be materialised ratio is 91.67% with an average time for price targets to be met of 946.5 days.

Most recent stock forecast was given by PHILIP GIBBS from KEYBANK on 04-May-2017.

Best performing analysts who are covering ZEUS - Olympic Steel, Inc:

Philip Gibbs Seth Rosenfeld

Analyst name


Current price target

Potential distance

Previous price target


Price targets met ratio

Average potential upside

Average time for PT to be met

Performance score

5 years 6 months 27 days ago

5/6 (83.33%)

$9.01 (32.41%)




$-15.09 (-43.00%)


6 years 2 months 16 days ago

13/13 (100%)

$1.63 (11.88%)


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