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ASML is currently covered by 14 analysts with an average price target of $1074.76. This is a potential upside of $118.54 (12.4%) from yesterday's end of day stock price of $956.22.

ASML Holding NV ADR's activity chart (see below) currently has 149 price targets and 134 ratings on display. The stock rating distribution of ASML is 86.67% BUY and 13.33% HOLD.

Stock Analyst Price Targets - Review

Analysts average stock forecasts to be materialized ratio is 94.68% with an average time for these price targets to be met of 243.56 days.

Highest price target for ASML is $1100, Lowest price target is $872, average price target is $1074.76.

Most recent stock forecast was given by MEHDI HOSSEINI from SUSQUEHANNA on 26-Jan-2024. First documented stock forecast 14-Jan-2014.

Split History since 2000:

4/17/00 3 for 1

What is Advanced Semiconductor Materials Lithography?

Advanced Semiconductor Materials Lithography is a company from the Netherlands that makes and sells equipment for making computer chips. They create lithography, metrology, and inspection systems that help make memory and logic chips. Advanced Semiconductor Materials Lithography operates in many places, including Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, China, the Netherlands, the rest of Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the United States. The company started in 1984 and used to be called ASM Lithography Holding N.V. In 2001, it changed its name to Advanced Semiconductor Materials Lithography. The company’s headquarters are in Veldhoven, the Netherlands.

What made Advanced Semiconductor Materials Lithography famous?

Advanced Semiconductor Materials Lithography leads the semiconductor industry by innovating and providing high-quality products and services. Its lithography systems create patterns on silicon wafers with EUV and DUV systems. EUV lithography makes advanced semiconductor nodes and technologies, while DUV lithography offers immersion and dry lithography solutions for various semiconductor nodes and technologies.


What are the famous products or services of Advanced Semiconductor Materials Lithography?

1. Lithography Systems

Advanced Semiconductor Materials Lithography is a top producer of lithography systems that create circuit patterns on silicon wafers used to manufacture microprocessors and memory chips. These systems utilize light sources, lenses, and mirrors to project circuit patterns onto silicon wafers.

  1. Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) LithographyAdvanced Semiconductor Materials Lithography’s EUV lithography systems use extremely short wavelength light to create highly detailed patterns on silicon wafers. EUV lithography is a key technology in the production of advanced semiconductor chips with features as small as 5 nanometers. These systems are the most advanced lithography systems on the market and are in high demand by chip manufacturers looking to produce the latest and most advanced chips.
  2. Deep Ultraviolet (DUV) Lithography:

Advanced Semiconductor Materials Lithography also offers DUV lithography systems, which use a longer wavelength of light to create less detailed patterns on silicon wafers. DUV lithography is used to produce a wide range of semiconductor chips, including memory and logic chips. Advanced Semiconductor Materials Lithography’s DUV lithography systems include immersion and dry lithography solutions.

2. Metrology and Inspection Systems

In addition to lithography systems, Advanced Semiconductor Materials Lithography also offers metrology and inspection systems to assess the quality of patterns on silicon wafers.

  1. Optical Metrology:

Advanced Semiconductor Materials Lithography’s optical metrology solutions use light to assess the quality of patterns on silicon wafers. These systems use advanced algorithms to analyze the data and provide highly accurate measurements of the patterns.

  1. E-beam Inspection:

Advanced Semiconductor Materials Lithography’s e-beam inspection systems use a focused beam of electrons to locate and analyze individual chip defects. These systems are highly accurate and can detect defects as small as a few nanometers in size.

3. Computational Lithography and Software Solutions

Advanced Semiconductor Materials Lithography also offers computational lithography and software solutions to improve the efficiency and accuracy of the lithography process.

  1. Computational Lithography:

Advanced Semiconductor Materials Lithography’s computational lithography solutions use advanced algorithms to simulate the lithography process and optimize the pattern design. This improves the efficiency of the lithography process and reduces the number of defects in the final product.

  1. Lithography Process and Control Software:

Advanced Semiconductor Materials Lithography’s lithography process and control software solutions provide advanced process control and monitoring capabilities. These software solutions improve the accuracy and consistency of the lithography process, which results in higher yields and better overall product quality.

The company was founded in 1984 and was formerly known as ASM Lithography Holding N.V then It changed its name to ASML Holding N.V. in 2001 and is headquartered in Veldhoven, the Netherlands.

Currently out of the existing stock ratings of ASML, 39 are a BUY (86.67%), 6 are a HOLD (13.33%).

Analyst name


Current price target

Potential Upside

Previous price target


Price targets met ratio

Average potential upside

Average Time (Days) For PT To Be Met

Performance score



$143.78 (15.04%)


4 months ago

7/8 (87.5%)

$233.54 (26.95%)




$43.78 (4.58%)


4 months 1 days ago

2/2 (100%)

$132.21 (15.24%)




$-84.22 (-8.81%)


4 months 1 days ago

17/17 (100%)

$4.21 (0.49%)




4 months 4 days ago

5/6 (83.33%)

$37.25 (6.55%)




10 months 14 days ago

1/1 (100%)

$155.2 (24.31%)


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What is ASML (ASML Holding NV ADR) average time for price targets to be met?

On average it took 243.56 days on average for the stock forecasts to be realized with a an average price target met ratio 94.68

Which analyst has the current highest performing score on ASML (ASML Holding NV ADR) with a proven track record?


Which analyst has the most public recommendations on ASML (ASML Holding NV ADR)?

Alexander Duval works at GOLDMAN SACHS and has 12 price targets and 7 ratings on ASML

Which analyst is the currently most bullish on ASML (ASML Holding NV ADR)?

Achal Sultania with highest potential upside - $232.38

Which analyst is the currently most reserved on ASML (ASML Holding NV ADR)?

Farhan Ahmad with lowest potential downside - -$419.47

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